Latest news:

 Our first CD, Kirtan With Ravi and the Solar Dynasty Band Live at Essence Yoga has just been released!


1. Bhaja Mana Ma

2. Om Hare Sharanam

3. Shiva Shambho

4. He He Govinda

5. Jai Radhe Pria Pria

Ravi - Harmonium, Guitar, & Vocal

Lisa "Lalita" Desrosiers - Harmonium, Percussion, & Vocal

Kraig Ludensky - Tabla, Percussion

Carl Woolf - Violin, Clarinet, & Native American Flute

 All tracks Traditional arranged by Ravi and/ or the Solar Dynasty Band

Everyone agreed November 10, 2012 was a special evening at Essence Yoga, and luckily someone had a tape recorder!

Special thanks to our teachers, to whom we can only offer this recording and our love; Deb & Kevin at Essence Yoga in Cranston, RI for opening their space and hearts for this magical evening;the entire New England Kirtan Community; Danny Solomon recording wizard!; and especially The Solar Dynasty Band!


Copies are available via mailorder for $12.50 USD including First Class Postage via PayPal. Please make sure to include your correct mailing address when making payment.


About Ravi and the Solar Dynasty Band:
Ravi offers a deeply meditative and devotional Kirtan.  Kirtan is the practice of Bhakti yoga, otherwise known as the yoga of devotion.  It is the spiritual practice of singing the Divine name in call and response.  

A talented musician and harmonium player, Ravi regularly offers kirtan at venues across New England and beyond, as well as accompanying several other kirtan artists.  He plays live music for yoga classes and yoga retreats, and for many fundraising and charity events.

A serious student of yoga, Sanskrit mantra and Indian classical music, Ravi offers a traditional style Kirtan.

Ravi views it as his dharma or sacred path to bring the powerful practice and benefits of mantra to others.  He opens to grace, and allows himself to be guided in the process of leading Kirtan.  Whether playing solo or accompanied by other talented musicians, he connects to grace to uplift and bring people to deeper states of bliss and meditation.

By the grace of Lord Ram and his teachers, Shubalananda, Ma Chetan Jyoti, and Muralidhar Pai, he is every day in awe of this escatic path and its transformational merits.  He offers this practice with prem (love) and gratitude to all who feel called to this beautiful and inspiring bhakti yoga.   All are welcome to enjoy this practice.

Offerings by Kirtan With Ravi:
  • kirtan ~ at your yoga studio, event, church, home, charity event or other community gatherings
  • live music for yoga classes ~ devotional chanting and meditative vocals accompanied by harmonium
  • yoga retreats and workshops ~ kirtan, chanting, live music
  • harmonium lessons
  • puja ceremonies

For more information, to be added to our email list, or to invite Kirtan With Ravi to play at your studio or event, please email: 

“Lord Ram, May i ask for Your name on the tip of my tongue ~ please give me Your Bajan on my tongue, i offer Namasan Kirtan at Your Holy Feet”